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Safe abortion

Safe abortion is your right

All women, girls and people with a uterus have the right to decide freely whether and when they will have children. Related to this is
the right to access to abortion provided with respect and dignity. No one may expose them to harmful actions or pressure them to change their decisions. Only they know best what to do and what their life circumstances are.

Safe abortion services must be provided in a way that respects the dignity of pregnant people, guarantees their right to privacy and is sensitive to their needs.

List of facilities where abortion is performed

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Bratislavský kraj

GPN – KOCH, Súkromná gynekologicko-pôrodnícka
Bratislava I.004212/54640061
Univerzitná nemocnica Bratislava – RužinovBratislava II.004212/48236764
Interklinik (GYN) s.r.o.Bratislava V.00421 268 230 950
Univerzitná nemocnica Bratislava sv. Cyrila a Metoda – AntolskáBratislava V.004212/68672619
Súkromná klinika jednodňovej chirurgie Mediklinik, BratislavaSenec00421 915 547 097

Trnavský kraj

Nemocnica s poliklinikou Dunajská Streda a.s.Dunajská Streda0042131/5571324
Nemocnica Alexandra Wintera, PiešťanyPiešťany0042133/7955240

Trenčiansky kraj

Nemocnica s poliklinikou Dunajská Streda a.s.Ilava0042142/4667224
Nemocnica s poliklinikou MyjavaMyjava0042134/6979154
Nsp Prievidza, so sídlom v BojniciachBojnice0042146/5112247
Fakultná nemocnica TrenčínTrenčín0042132/6566240

Nitriansky kraj

Nemocnica AGEL Komárno a.s.Komárno00421 357 907 133
Súkromná klinika jednodňovej chirurgie MediklinikLevice00421 903 463 425
Nemocnica AGEL Levice s.r.o.Levice00421 366 379 631
Fakultná nemocnica NitraNitra0042137/6545303
Nemocnica Topoľčany a.s.Topoľčany00421 383 824 473

Žilinský kraj

Liptovská nemocnica s poliklinikou MUDr. Ivana Stodolu Liptovský MikulášKomárno0042144/5563291
Univerzitná nemocnica MartinMartin0042143/4203591
Fakultná nemocnica s poliklinikou ŽilinaŽilina0042141/5110376

Banskobystrický kraj

Fakultná nemocnica s poliklinikou F.D.RoosveltaBanská Bystrica0042148/4411111
Nemocnica Agel ZvolenZvolen0042145/5201664
Všeobecnej nemocnice s poliklinikou Lučenec n.o.Lučenec0042147/4311627

Prešovský kraj

Nemocnica Poprad a.s.Poprad0042152/7125426

Košický kraj

Nemocnica s poliklinikou Štefana Kukuru Michalovce a.s.Michalovce0042156/6416819
Nemocnica s poliklinikou sv. Barbory RožňavaRožňava0042158/7771239
Nemocnica s poliklinikou Spišská Nová VesSpišská Nová Ves0042153/4199379
Nemocnica Agel Košice-Šaca a.s.Košice0042155/7234 214
Univerzitná nemocnica L. Pasteura KošiceKošice0042155/7234 214

Facts about abortion

These facts are based on the findings and claims of authorities such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO) and the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.


Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures, if performed correctly by a trained staff, using the right medical practices and medications and in hygienic conditions. Abortions without health reasons, performed properly and during the first trimester, are in fact safer than childbirth. Most women, and other people who undergo a properly performed abortion will not suffer any long-term consequences for their health and reproductive health.

Abortion does not increase the risk of breast cancer

The WHO emphasizes that validated data does not indicate an increased risk of breast cancer after miscarriage or abortion.

An abortion that was carried out without complications does not reduce your chances of getting pregnant in the future.

There is no proven link between abortion and subsequent infertility. Research shows that a properly performed abortion without complications does not lead to infertility.

Mental health

Abortions do not cause serious mental problems. Negative psychological consequences occur in only a very small number of people and are rather a continuation of pre-existing mental health problems. For most women, girls and other people, the decision to have an abortion is not easy. Your response will depend on your situation at the time of the abortion. You may feel relieved or sad. These emotions can alternate in different phases. However, most people do not have long-term emotional problems. People who have unintentionally become pregnant and had previously experienced mental health problems should know that these problems can persist regardless of whether they choose to abort or continue the pregnancy. In case of problems, seek medical help or contact one of the helplines.

In case you have experienced sexual violence,
you can call crisis number 00421800 212 212

Practical information

Time is an important factor

In Slovakia, you have the opportunity to undergo an abortion on request or for health reasons until the 12th week of pregnancy. In the later period (after the 12th week), the abortion is only possible if the woman’s life is in danger, if the fetus is unable to live or is severely damaged. The beginning of pregnancy is counted from the first day of the last period. That means in reality you have less time than 12 weeks. Also expect to have to wait a 48-hour compulsory waiting period after being counselled by a doctor and before the abortion itself. This restriction can cause, that you will not manage to get an abortion on time, so take it into account in advance.

Girls under the age of 18

Girls under the age of 16 the consent of their parent or legal guardian. Parents of girls between the ages of 16 and 18 will be notified by the medical facility.

The price

According to our research, the average price with additional fees is 414 euros (from 250 to 600e). The price can be increased for example by fees for health examinations or application fee. Therefore, please ask about the total costs in advance.

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