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Contraception is any means or method
that reduces the likelihood of getting pregnant.

Types of contraception

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Tieto otázky si položte pri výbere antikoncepcie:

1. Can I take pills at the same time every day?

YES » vyberajte z tých, ktoré sa používajú každý deň
NO or I AM A MAN/I HAVE A PENIS » vyberajte zo všetkých, ktoré netreba užívať každý deň

2. Do I need to take into account very severe menstrual pain?

YES » choose from those that can help with heavy menstruation
NO » choose any other

3. Do I smoke nicotine products?

YES » choose from non-hormonal, natural or permanent methods
NO or I AM A MAN/I HAVE A PENIS » choose any type that suits you

4. Do I have digestive problems?

YES » choose for those suitable for those with digestive problems
NO or I AM A MAN/I HAVE A PENIS » choose any type that suits you

5. Do I want to prevent pregnancy for a longer time?

YES » choose from mainly from those for long term use
NO » choose from any other methods

6. Do I have access to medical care and a pharmacy?

YES » choose from those which need a prescription
NO » choose from over the counter methods (e.g. from drugstores)

WARNING! These questions are not exhaustive when it comes to choosing
contraception. You can also consult
a doctor about the most suitable contraception for you.

Using contraception means thinking about your health, safety and stability.

Download information in pdf (leaflet)